Book Resourses


Beyond the Badge, A Spiritual Survival Guide for Cops and Their Families; Charles Ferrara, Lieutenant, N. Y. P. D. (ret.)

Chaplaincy in Law Enforcement (What It Is and How To Do It); DeRevere, Cunningham, Mobley, and Price, Authors; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher

Chaplains Manual: Fire Department Funerals Federation of Fire Chaplains

Cop Shock, Surviving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD; Allen R. Kates

Crisis Counseling, A Practical Guide for Pastors, Counselors and Friends; H. Norman Wright

Crisis & Trauma Counseling H. Norman Wright

“CISM”, Mitchell and Everly, Chevron Publishing

 Crisis Intervention Strategies, James and Gilliland, Brooks/Cole Publishing

Death Notification, A Practical Guide to the Process; R. Moroni Leash

Death Notification, Mark Clements, President-Elect, ICPC

Death Notification: “I’ll Never Forget Those Words: A Practical Guide to Death Notification,” J. Lord and A. Stewart, Compassion Press.

Devotions and Prayers for Police Officers; Steven J. Voris

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement, Kevin Gilmartin

Grieving a Suicide: A Loved One’s Search for Comfort, Answers, and Hope; Albert Y. Hsu

Handbook for Chaplains, Comfort My People; Mary M. Toole

How to Be a Perfect Stranger, The Essential Religious Etiquette Handbook; Stuart M. Matlins and Arthur J. Magida

I Can’t Stop Crying: It’s So Hard When Someone You Love Dies, John D. Martin and Frank Ferris

Interventions Following Mass Violence and Disasters, Ritchie, Watson, and Friedman Eds., Guilford Press

Law Enforcement Funeral Manual; Chaplain William Sanders

Lives Behind the Badge; Kristi Neace

Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl, Beacon Publishing

On Becoming a Person, Carl Rogers, Mariner books.

Ripples of Suicide: Reasons for Living; Harold Elliott

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement; Cary A. Friedman

Standing Courageous; Kristi Neace

The Empty Chair: The Journey of Grief After Suicide; Beryl S. Glover and Glenda Stansbury

The Perfect Stranger’s Guide to Funerals and Grieving Practices; Stuart M. Matlins

When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron, Shambhala press.

What Will Help Me, James E. Miller, Willowgreen Publishing

Local Counseling Resourses:

New Hope Christian Counseling


Kristen Morgan

Mark White

Texas Tech Family Therapy (work on sliding scale up to $50)


Dr. Page Hiser (individuals, couples, adolescents, recovery, abuse, addiction)

(no kids) Takes BCBS & Firstcare


Kim Leonard (kids)


-play therapy, emotion directed

Hideaway Marriage Intensive

-4 day intensive


Roark Christian Counseling

Bradley Roark: Christian Life Coach

(806)252-2575 – office

(806)438-4510 - cell

Family Coaching (lay ministry counseling primarily for couples)